8 dogs seized, 1 found dead in North Charleston; woman arrested

Suspect to face a bond court judge Friday morning

Nakida Lacole Gathers, 29

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — The woman arrested in connection with an animal cruelty case in North Charleston is expected to face a bond court judge on Friday.

Nakida Lacole Gathers, 29, is facing felony animal cruelty charges. A bond hearing will be held March 3 at 11 a.m.

Charleston Animal Society continues to care for dogs that were seized at a North Charleston home on January 30. Another dog was found dead on the property. One of the dogs, Cappucino, was brought in emaciated and in critical condition.

“His temperature was so low that it didn’t even register on a thermometer,” said Charleston Animal Society Director of Anti-Cruelty and Outreach Aldwin Roman. “The good news is that he’s gained 13-lbs. in our care, which is a 44% increase in his body weight!”

Quan Sergio Flowers, 31.

Police investigating this case still have a warrant out for the arrest of Quan Sergio Flowers, 31.

“If not for the efforts of North Charleston Animal Control and Charleston Animal Society, Cappuccino would have died cold and alone. With the resources available in our community there is no excuse for allowing Cappuccino to suffer,” Roman said. “Cappucino survived but he will never forget the trauma he experienced at the hands of those he trusted.”

While Cappucino remains in foster care, four of the seized dogs have been adopted and another is waiting to be adopted. Two of the dogs had to be euthanized because of severe aggression.

Charleston Animal Society is able to handle cruelty cases like this thanks to donations from supporters to Caitlyn’s Anti-Cruelty Fund.

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