Mother, son and daughter dead after a home burns down in St. Stephen

ST. STEPHEN, (WCBD)- A major tragedy in Berkeley County Thursday morning. Three people are dead after a house fire in Saint Stephen. The Berkeley county coroner has since ruled the deaths of the three victims as accidental.
Gabe Bowens is a cousin of the victims. “I just couldn’t believe it. Me and my wife jumped in the truck and we came down here and the house was halfway gone.”
At 3:33 Thursday morning, 911 was called to the house at 108 Shady Trail Lane in St Stephen.
Gabe’s cousins, Anthony and Christina King, and their adopted son 24 year old Daniel King and 14 year old Lakala King were in the home. Only Anthony, the father, made it out alive. He did suffer some burns.
Gabe says he was close to Daniel. “Daniel used to work with me. It’s hurting big-time, although he is white, he is part of the family… Daniel is like a son to me. He do anything I ask him to do and do it with highly respect… Chrissy and Anthony they are all very common people. I loved them.”
Berkeley County Coroner Bill Salisbury says SLED’s Fire Investigative team is working to determine if the fire was an accident, or if foul play might be involved.
Gabe says he can only lean on the Lord right now. “If the Lord say this is this what he wants done, then nothing we can do to change it. So it happened and it’s rough.”

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