Community rallies to help Airman left paralyzed after act of kindness

It’s a story of survival and strength. A proud member of the military avoids an accident, stops to help others who were hit,  then she was hit by another car.  She was left severely injured and spent months in the hospital fighting for her life.  Now she’s in need of help.  Her name is Jamia, Mia for short, she says it stands for Miracle In Action.  Although there are trials, this Airman, basketball star, and Clemson student’s story is one of triumph.

Life for twenty-year-old Jamia Porcher is different now.  “Be grateful for what you have because it can be taken,” Jamia says. “I played both volleyball and basketball and ran track two years.  I was real active.”

Jamia is a Georgetown native, high school basketball star, Airman First Class.  “I was in electrical environmental as far as doing the wire on the plane and oxygen system, but when I got into the accident, I was on security forces.”

Jamia was left paralyzed from the shoulders down, after she stopped to help someone hit by an 18 wheeler.  She was on her way to the McCentire Joint National Guard Base near Columbia.  Jamia says, “I was on the way to work. It was about 5:30 in the morning.  I was about five minutes away from work.  There was an 18 wheeler and I was actually on the side, and I slowed down and a car came around me, and when the car came around me, the truck came over in the car leaned and hit the car. I pulled over and the truck driver pulled over, and me and him got out to push the car out the road,  and that’s when I was stuck by another car, and after that I don’t remember much.”

Jamia was in a medical coma for three days and heavily sedated for a week. She recalls the first thing she remembers.  “Waking up in the hospital and not knowing really where  I was or what was going on and the severity of the accident.”

After months in the hospital, her family now drives Jamia from Georgetown to Charleston three days a week for therapy.  “No one knows.  They say every spinal cord is different and it’s just going to take time to see what’s going to come back, but my spinal cord wasn’t cut or severed, so that was a good thing.” Mia talked about forgiving the person who caused her accident.  “After I saw her, and saw how shaken up she was,  I realized it just didn’t effect me.  I told her I forgave her.”

Now it’s all about healing and moving forward. Mia says,  “I try to stay moving.  I don’t like staying in the house.  The next step is just continue therapy and get as much independence back.”  When asked what she needs right now, Mia responds, “space. bigger space so I can get around. I have a vehicle and some therapy stuff.  More therapy stuff and as far as the house, a smart house so I can control things inside the house as far as the door and the lights.”
Jamia currently rents a home.  The community is working to raise money to help her by a home with more space.  “I’m very grateful.  You see all the people come together which is a beautiful thing, and I feel loved.”

Even though life has changed drastically for Jamia.  Her faith has remained constant.  “I did feel like sometimes, why me?  I pray about it and take the time out and say that if I couldn’t make it through it, I wouldn’t have been in this situation. I know everything is going to be ok. I’m going to walk again.”

Mia currently rents a mobile home in Georgetown  with limited handicap accessibility.  Fundraisers are planned to help raise money to purchase Mia a permanent home with smart features.  An all-star basketball classic will take place at Georgetown High School, Mia’s alma mater on Saturday, March 11th  at 5 p-m.  Tickets are 5-dollars in advance, 7-dollars at the door.


There is also a Go Fund Me page for Mia. Click here is you would like to help


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