469 Madeline Dr. Death Investigation Update

GCPD investigators traveled to St. Peters, Missouri, to recover the vehicle that belongs to the homeowner of 469 Madeline Dr.  The vehicle was located by St. Peters Police Department officers at a local post office.  Three people associated with the vehicle were arrested by St. Peters Police on local charges and are in their custody pending local proceedings.  Those individuals were interviewed by GCPD investigators in reference to the burned victim.

GCPD Investigators have taken various items of evidence to SLED headquarters to be processed on a “priority” track.

GCPD has issued an arrest warrant on the charge of grand larceny against one of the subjects in St. Peters Police Department custody.  Investigators will coordinate service of this charge and request extradition via the Berkeley County Solicitor’s Office.  We expect to release the identity of this subject once charges are served.

Investigators are asking anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers at (843) 554-1111 or to contact GCPD at (843) 572-4300.

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