Cool School: Beech Hill Elementary

Beech Hill continues to shine academically.  Students are leading the way to lifelong learning through excellence, leadership and empowerment.  We’re in Summerville for our Cool School of the week.

Beech Hill Elementary is a Palmetto’s Finest school with just under a thousand students from 3-years-old through fifth grade.  Beech Hill has had a consistent Excellent rating with Palmetto Gold and Silver awards.  They have a school wide focus on growth mindset,  and have student empowerment initiatives like student-led  parent conferences, and personalized learning initiatives, Action Based Learning, Maker Space, and Genius Hour. Students also had the opportunity to experience the election process and used actual voting machines when they voted for south carolina book of  the year.

Principal Rene Harris says,  “Beech Hill is a school that has enjoyed a great tradition of excellence. This year, we’re trying to do something new and that is to not just rest on our laurels of academic excellence, but push ourselves to do even more.”   “I like my school because if you’re feeling down they pick you back up,” says fifth grade student Samantha Franklin.  Teacher Kentrel Clement says,  “We have an Action Based Classroom.  We have wobble stools. We have pedal tables. We have swivel boards so the students could actually be moving while they’re learning.   We also have foot rockers in the corner. The students know they can get up and utilize whatever tool they need to utilize that day whenever they feel a little bit antsy.” “I like the way I read and learn and shine,” says kindergarten student Kenneth Rivera, “Beech Hill is a fun place to be.”

Beech Hill’s four year old kindergarten class is  in charge of the school’s garden.  They use it to work on  math and read stories about gardening.  The school offers a long list of unique early release days and after school clubs for students, including Young Science, Animal Club, Beacon CSI, Beacon Mail Delivery to name a few.

Coming up tonight on News 2 at 5, we’ll take a closer look at Genius Hour, student-led conferences, and community partnerships.

We want to hear about the good things that are going on at your school.   Just send an email to Octavia at omitchell@

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