Berkeley County U-Pick strawberry farm opens weeks early due to warm weather

The unseasonably warm weather is good news for one Berkeley county business. 
Karen Parker is the Sales/Marketing manager for Hickory Bluff Berry Farm. “Well this year has really been unprecedented. We’ve never open for strawberry season this early. Since 2009 when we opened.”
The warm temperatures means an abundance of flowers and plump red strawberries at the strawberry farm on Highway 27 in Berkeley County. The earliest they ever opened before was March 20th. Today they opened for u pick season. “There’s plenty of berries right now. We’re expecting a great crop this year.”
As far as how long this will last, the plants usually keep producing until it gets too hot. “It generally cuts down once the heat and humidity really gets to them so that’s why June is typically a cut off in South Carolina.”
If it holds out until June, there will be several extra weeks of fresh strawberries in the Lowcountry. “It’s very exciting and again we’re curious to see what this year brings.”
Hickory Bluff Berry Farm is open Monday-Saturday from 8:30-6.

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