Sentencing delayed for Joey Meek; Meek writes letters to victims families

Joey Meek

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) –  The Court has granted  the request filed by the attorneys for Joey Meek, the friend of Dylann Roof, who did not report Roof’s plans to kill black church worshippers at Emanuel AME church.

The granted request will delay the sentencing hearing for Joey Meek.

Meek’s attorneys  want time to file a memorandum in response to the Government’s motion.

Prosecutors say Meek needs a harsher punishment than what’s in federal guidelines to serve as an example and to fully account for the horrible nature of Roof’s massacre.

The court papers don’t specify the guidelines for Meek’s sentence, but they appear to land between about 2 ½ and 3 ½ years in prison. The maximum sentence is eight years.

Meek’s lawyer, Deborah Barbier, filed a sealed motion on his sentencing Monday. She wouldn’t comment on it.

The clerk will reschedule the sentencing hearing for a date after the court receives receipt of the defendant’s response.

Joey Meek wrote letters to the families of the victims. You can read them here. And to read the letters from Meek’s family to the judge, click here.

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