Indivisible Charleston responds to Sen. Scott’s Town Hall

Charleston, SC (WCBD)- Senator Tim Scott and Rep. Mark Sanford held town halls today.

Josef Preston of Indivisible Charleston released the following statement about Senator Scott’s meeting:

“Today approximately 400 of our members had the opportunity to engage with the Junior Senator from our state, Tim Scott. We would first like to thank Senator Scott for holding a forum to address his constituency. We also wish to work with the Senator’s office in the future to facilitate an open dialogue with all of his constituents.

The manner in which this forum was conducted we believe was a clear violation of the Constitutional rights of those who were present at the event. Constituents were not able to have signs, wear clothing that indicated dissent of the current administration, and their questions were required to be submitted prior to the event. This forced many voices to go unheard. The Senator had the ability to “cherry-pick” the questions to be answered, and on 2 separate occasions during this forum, chose to not answer the question he had chosen, instead moving to another question that he removed from a clear plastic container.

Individuals, no matter their political leanings should have the unfettered ability to not have their rights of free speech and expression hindered by an elected official who affirms an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

A forum like a town hall should also be held at a venue that can accommodate any and all constituents who wish to attend. A venue that can only accommodate 200 constituents of a United States Senator is grossly inadequate, especially when the Senator and his staff had more than a week to seek out a larger venue, and set up the infrastructure for such an event.

We look forward to the future, and holding a truly open, and free flowing dialogue with the Senator and his office as well as all elected officials throughout the Lowcountry.”

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