The Acorn School of Charleston receives the News 2 Cool School award

News 2 presents The Acorn School of Charleston with our Cool School award.

All week we’ve told you about all the cool things taking place at The Acorn School of Charleston.  The unique Waldorf school is the only one of its kind in the state.

The school emphasizes the role of imagination in learning. The arts are integrated into all academics.  There is a lot of painting, free play, singing, and story telling, and students create their own text books.  You will see handmade wooden toys and musical instruments. There are no grades or standardized testing in the early years.

The Acorn School is part of the international Waldorf school movement.   There are more than one-thousand Waldorf schools in 83 countries. The school’s director and co-founder Dr. Lee Stevens worked for twenty years as a  Waldorf teacher in major cities.  “It’s a new form of education for Charleston, but it’s 100 years old in its tradition,”

Congratulations The Acorn School of Charleston!

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