Goose Creek High bus driver arrested for DUI after driving bus the wrong way with no lights on

A Goose Creek High School bus driver is accused of driving drunk with more than a dozen students on board his bus Sunday night in Newberry County.
Brent Patrick Carter went through bond court in Newberry County this morning on a DUI charge and a child endangerment charge.
According to the Highway Patrol, not only was he drunk, but he was driving down the opposite lane on the highway with no lights on. They say Carter was driving eastbound in the westbound lane of highway 34 with lights turned off. Once they pulled him over, he blew a .18 alcohol level, more than double the legal limit.
Eli Evans is a Goose Creek football player. “I play football there and this guy drove us around a lot, like I don’t know, for a few years.”
15 students and three parents were on the bus at the time for a drama competition.
Evans says, “And I can’t believe that he would even be drunk or not have his lights on. It’s crazy. He’s been driving around the whole Goose Creek football team for a few years.”
Eli’s dad Matthew Evans agrees. “I just think it was a bad decision and it could’ve been, who knows what could’ve happened. You put the safety of your children in the hands of the school for them to make decisions like this. So it is just very alarming.”
Goose Creek principal Jimmy Huskey drove another bus driver to Newberry to drive the students home.
In addition to a bus driver, Goose Creek’s website says Carter is a study hall aid.
The Berkeley County School District sent us a statement that says in part, “Appropriate Berkeley County School District personnel are fully cooperating with law enforcement and cannot comment on the investigation.”

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