Confederate flags top buildings across Downtown Charleston

Marlaine Black took this photo of a confederate flag above a building in Charleston Sunday.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – People in Downtown Charleston Sunday may have noticed a new flag atop some of the downtown parking garages.

7 Confederate flags were raised today on top of the garages and other spots by the South Carolina Secessionist Party.

The group called the display “The Grand Flagging of Charleston”.

The flags regularly fly at The Battery, but this weekend, the group moved its display across the city in protest of Bree Newsome.

The woman, who climbed the South Carolina Statehouse flag pole to remove the Confederate flag in 2015, will speak at the College of Charleston on Wednesday.

A handful of people gathered in Marion Square to protest the display.

The group’s chairman said it was intention to display the flags during the Southeastern Wildlife Expo, which was also taking place around Charleston.

The group hopes that displaying the flag at popular tourist areas will pressure officials to properly retire the Statehouse Battle Flag, which the chairman says has not been done yet.


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