Mixed reaction to President Trump’s visit to North Charleston

The Lowcountry has a number of reactions to President Trump’s planned visit to the North Charleston Boeing plant.
China Kowans is excited about the visit. “He’s a billionaire right? This is so exciting, like who wouldn’t want to be there to see Trump there for us?l
Seth Tyus is not so excited. “As far as me, I wouldn’t be so anxious or interested in seeing him, but other people would though.”
But he did offer some political advice. “Instead of going about things in such an angry way, to gradually go about things in a calm way to see how people think about things and then go from there.”
Rev. Eric Manning, the pastor of Mother Emanuel AME church is going to give the invocation during the ceremony.
Nancy Markovich supports the president. “I think you know him coming here is probably just a wonderful way of him showing his interest in business and helping this country to get back on track.”
Joan Mulvihill says she is excited for Boeing. “I’m very proud of Boeing. I’m so happy to have them here in Charleston and this is a fantastic place and I’m proud of the last administration for what they had to do with it.”
As far as President Trump, “President, I have a hard time getting the words out, Trump He’s coming tomorrow which we’ll have at least a little reprieve from him messing up everything for the country.”
President Trump is expected to arrive here at sometime around 11:30 tomorrow morning. 

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