‘Day Without Immigrants’ protest closes businesses across Lowcountry

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Thousands of businesses across the country will remain closed Thursday night after not opening at all during the day.

Organizers for “Day Without Immigrants” urged immigrants to miss work, school and not purchase anything as a nationwide protest against President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Several immigrant-owned restaurants and businesses were shuttered along Ashley Phosphate Road and other parts of the area. Business owners did not want to go on-camera but said they were closed to “show solidarity.”

Pedro Nagera moved to America 28 years ago and still carries his first California driver’s license with him as souvenir of his citizenship. “Mexican is not a problem for America,” said Nagera, “I worry for the families.”

Ladoen Feliciano was born in East Los Angeles to immigrant parents and says if it was up to him, the boycott would be longer. “We’ll stop building houses, we’ll stop cutting grass, we’ll stop cleaning houses, we’ll stop doing everything,” said Feliciano, “to teach the community that you need us here.”

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