Senators call for removal of SIB Chairman Vince Graham; citing I-526 as a reason

COLUMBIA,SC (WCBD) — Today Senator Sandy Senn and Representatives Leon Stavrinakis, Peter McCoy and Lin Bennett issued a letter to Governor Henry McMaster calling for the replacement of the State Infrastructure Board Chairman Vince Graham. In the letter, Lowcountry legislators express concern with the leadership involving the decision-making process of Interstate 526 and the refusal of the chairman to schedule open, public meetings on the I-526 project and other highway projects

Senator Senn said in her letter that SIB Chairman Graham has close ties to the Dana Beach’s Coastal Conservation League and has served on their board and that Mr. Graham opposes I-526 and the completion of the project.

“This past year, Mr. Graham single-handedly delayed the work of the SIB by repeatedly refusing to call meetings or by cancelling meetings when he knew that Charleston has the votes to move our projects forward. He has succeeded in waiting  until members of the board rotated off and new members have rotated on. In short, he has substituted his opinion for that of the board by not doing the job he was appointed to do and conduct meetings. For this alone, I believe that his services to the board have been sub-par.”

Senator Senn went on to say that the Governor should consider replacing Mr. Graham with anyone who is fair and who is willing to “actually conduct the SIB’s business rather than strategically avoiding it.”

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