Former Berkeley schools CFO admitted to taking nearly $400,000

We are learning more about how the Berkeley County School Board learned that former CFO Brantley Thomas was being investigated by the FBI.
Board vice-chair Mac McQuillin read a statement at the board meeting last night. He said that on the morning of Feb 6th, district leaders met with investigators from the FBI and Wells Fargo. They were given copies of 10 checks that the investigators said Thomas converted and deposited to his own account. They totaled more than $382,000 dollars.
McQuillin says said they were also told that Thomas admitted to what he did. That’s when they decided to fire him immediately. “We have concerns that there may be additional amounts misappropriated and we are committed to getting to the bottom to discover any and all wrongdoing. We want to act swiftly to make decisions to stabilize the financial security of this district, and we acknowledge that ultimately our duty is to the children in our schools and the citizens of Berkeley County.”
A source within the school district says that while Thomas has not been charged at this point, district officials believe once the federal grand jury meets to review the case, that will happen.
Tuesday night the board also voted to fire the district’s auditing firm of Green, Finley and Horton. They recently told the board that the district finances were in good shape.

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