Cool School: Murray Lasaine Elementary School

Murray Lasaine Elementary, a school rich in history, keeps students  challenged and engaged.  We’re on James Island for our Cool School of the week.

Murray Lasaine is a  partial magnet school serving James and Johns Island with more than 300 students beginning at  age three through 6th grade.  They will grow to include 7th and 8th grades.

The school began a Montessori program four years ago, but still offer traditional classrooms.  They plan to have full Montessori by 2020.  Multi-age classrooms and materials are a main part of the Montessori experience. In the Montessori environment, students are responsible for their own learning.  Principal Meredith Wallace says the students help create a community that allows them to feel free to be themselves. “Our students in our classrooms do have freedom, but it’s very much within limits.  As long as they’re working on productive work, we allow them to work.  We don’t interrupt them,” says Wallace. ” We have materials that start with our three years old and run the whole way through sixth grade, and to have that to offer to kids is pretty amazing,”  Parent Hannah Kalish says, “We are very luck to have a Montessori school here on James Island. We fought long and hard to get that. It’s an incredible educational environment for children starting at  three yeas old and we are now able to go through middle school.”

Everne Williams teaches a traditional third grade class at Murray Lasaine.  “This is my 31st year.  It’s like home to me.  Some of the kids I’m teaching now, I taught their parents.”  Fourth-grade student Mia Voelker says, “I like that every class is like a family, and we all work together. I also like that all the teachers make learning fun, and I really appreciate that.”

Students also have a school garden.  Teachers are state certified and montessori credentialed.

Coming up tonight on News 2 at 5, we’ll take a closer look at the Montessori experience at Murray Lasaine Elementary.

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