Trump “Travel Ban” sparking support and outrage from Upstate groups

CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) – The travel ban is drawing strong reactions here at home, both for and against.

This week, two Clemson professors are fasting in protest, wanting the University to take a stronger stance on the travel ban.

“We’re not asking them to break the law. We’re asking them to oppose it,” said Clemson Professor, Dr. Todd May.

May believes Clemson University has taken a weak stance on president trump’s travel ban. He said it is currently affecting two Iranian students trying to get their visa.

“What we want [the University] to do is say, clearly, in one way or another, that they oppose the ban, that the ban is not helpful,” said May.

In two releases, Clemson’s President Jim Clements said potentially affected students should “refrain from traveling outside the United States if at all possible for the time being.”

For May and his colleague, Dr. Chenjerai Kumanyika, they felt this didn’t adequately represent the interests of students in the Clemson family.

“There comes a time when you have to look at a law that’s been passed and say “this is unethical.” This is causing people to suffer,” said Kumanyika.

This prompted a 6 day fast, with each man fasting and protesting publically this week on the steps of Sikes Hall. More than a dozen students signed up to join them on day one.

“I see us like an arrow pointing to the people in our community, the people abroad who are suffering because of this policy,” said Kumanyika.

Elsewhere, people are rallying in support of President Trump’s ban.

“The people need to stop protesting and start supporting the president,” said activist, Jack Logan.

Logan said his Greenville rally, Monday, sought to clear up misconception about Trump’s order.

“You have got to check people out because everybody entering this country is not a law abiding citizen. They come here to do harm,” said Logan.

Logan said, while he thinks some of President Trump’s campaign rhetoric about an immigration ban is fueling people’s passion’s against the policy, he said people need to “educate themselves.”

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