Oceanside Collegiate Academy offers a unique approach to high school education

Oceanside Collegiate Academy is a free public charter high school serving all area high school students.  The school combines rigorous academics and a high-level athletic program. We’re in McClellanville for our Cool School of the week.

Oceanside Collegiate Academy is temporarily housed in CCSD”s historic school building. They opened this school year with 325 students in 9th through 12th grade, offering a  different high school approach.  “We’re on what we call a modified schedule,” says principal Brenda Corley. “Our students come to school either in the morning or the afternoon.  We have two sessions. Our morning sessions is from 8-12, our afternoon session are  from 12- 4,  so our kids are here for four periods. They take four classes and then they work on two online classes virtually from home. They get a total of 6 high school credits every single year,” Corley says.

OCA is projected to have 600 students this fall in their new state of the art facility in the Carolina Park area of Mount Pleasant.   Ninth-grade student Taylor Arnsdorff says, “I really get to focus on my academics for four hours,  and I get to go home and focus on my sport which is being an equestrian, which I’m riding a lot.  I also love how all the teachers here are very supportive.”

A dual-credit high school, Oceanside offers students the opportunity to earn up to two years of college credit for free.  Corley says, “When students get to 11th grade that’s when things become really interesting. Now they become full time college students in 11th grade if they qualify, they need a 3.0.  We’re working with the University of South Carolina.  We use professors vetted by USC.  They come teach the college classes on campus, so our students are taking 13 college credits each semester.” So far this school year, students have finished 561 hours of college courses already.  “We pay for the tuition. We even by the book and give the kids a laptop,” Corley says.  Ninith-grade student Sergio Gonzalez says, “Oceanside is all around an amazing school. It gives you a high level of academic success, athletics are very high as well.”

OCA offers 19 sports. Basketball coach Beth Scott says, “I think Oceanside gives a good mix for our students and families in terms of the way the schedule is set up, allowing them to focus on academics in the morning and participate in our athletics in the afternoon and also have that time at home.  It’s a real family environment here.”

Principal Corley sums it all up, “We’re a Cool School because there are plenty of fish in the ocean but we are sharks,  drop the mic, boom!”

OCA’s PSAT results for 10th graders are way above the state average.

Oceanside Collegiate Academy is a part of the South Carolina Charter School District.

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