Four power plants in Berkeley County being dismantled

BERKELEY COUNTY,SC (WCBD)- Several power plants in Berkeley County are being dismantled. The work started earlier this week at four of the power plants at the Jefferies Power Station in Moncks Corner.
After tighter government regulation of coal and oil powered plants, the two coal plants shut down in 2012, and the 2 oil plants shut down officially in 2015.
Nicole Aiello is a spokesperson for Santee Cooper. “We’ve added some additional renewables over the last couple of years about 130 MW worth.”
So now the process of demolishing these plants begins. “We are working with a contractor, Demco, and they will be demolishing and dismantling all of the buildings at Jefferies Generating Station that’s going to include the two 300 foot stacks, the cooling towers and the big buildings that are out there.”
The hydroplant at Jefferies will not be demolished. These plants meant electricity for the first time for many who lived in rural Berkeley County. “The first two units were built at Jefferies, the coal power plants, in 1950 and at that time we had so many rural areas that needed electrification so it was a very big deal to Berkeley County and for the rest of the state.”
The 300 foot stacks will be lowered 20 feet at a time over time, so you may notice them getting shorter, and eventually their will disappear altogether.
Boaters, and the many people who have worked here over the years might miss the stacks. “We do hear that boaters use the stacks kind of as navigational points, so it may change the way some of the boaters do things. But they’re a smart group of people and they know how to navigate without stacks.”
This demolition is expected to take about one year.

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