Berkeley Electric Cooperative’s new .99 cent per day fee has some concerned

A rate change at Berkeley Electric Cooperative is generating a number of questions. 
We noticed a number of people on Facebook concerned about a new $.99 per day fee on their Berkeley Electric bill. We took your concerns to the corporate office to find out what this means for your bill.
Leisa Stilley is the spokesperson for Berkeley Electric. “Recently we did a cost of service study that indicated that members were not fairly sharing the cost of service.”
Stilley says members who had low, or almost no electric bill were being paid for by members who had higher bills. A $15 per month service availability fee was charged in all customer monthly fees, but it cost the coop about $30 per customer to maintain the system. 
Now a full .99 cents per day is being charged to all members. “And in doing that, we then lowered the kilowatt rate so that the whole process is actually revenue neutral.”
So Berkeley Electric is not going to make additional income. Basically, if your bill is about $100 or more, you will actually pay less than you used to. If your bill is less than $100, you will pay more. But only people who use no kilowatts, like those producing all of their power via solar panels, will pay the full nearly $15/month extra under the new plan compared to their current bill.
Since bills vary based on kilowatts used each month and how many days are included on a bill, if you are still trying to understand how your bill is impacted, you “can come in or contact any of our district offices. We’ll be glad to sit down with them.”
Under the old plan, you would pay $15/month for the service usage fee, plus a rate per kWh. That rate varied from 12.93 cent per kWh to 14.43 per kWh in the summer and 12.33-14.43 in the winter. Under the new plan, residential customers will pay 12.62 in the summer and 11.83 in the winter, plus .99 cent per day. 
That plan has a “break even” at about 650 kWh. If you use more than 650, you will begin to pay less than you used to. 

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