Protest at Senator Tim Scott’s North Charleston office

About 100 protestors showed up at Senator Tim Scott’s North Charleston office Tuesday afternoon. 
The protest was organized by The purpose was to let Senator Scott know they want him to vote to not confirm president Trumps cabinet picks. One pick in particular they did not like is Betsy Devos, the Secretary of Education nominee. Maya Green is one of the protestors. “She’s never been to public school, so she isn’t really in a position to understand how many people benefit from it.”
John Steinberger is a President Trump supporter. “ is a very well organized and financed group. They have first amendment rights to protest.”
He says Devos is highly qualified. “She has lots of experience going into communities and hearing about the failures in the neighborhood schools. She has personally financed charter schools that have given kids better results. Education’s got to be results driven.”
Robert Leeper is concerned about Jeff Sessions being picked for attorney general. “We need someone who has a broader scope not such a narrow scope and could include all.”
Others are just concerned in general. River Abedon says he was, “watching the news for the first week. I found myself being very angry at the travel ban. And just all the people getting confirmed.”
Organizers also delivered two petitions to Senator Scott’s office, asking him to not confirm any of President Trump’s nominees.

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