Unemployment rate in Berkeley County at 15 year low

Unemployment in Berkeley county is down even more. It’s now down more than any other time in the last 15 years. 
“Berkeley County’s unemployment rate is the lowest it has been since 2001.” Berkeley County Public Information Officer Michael Mùle says unemployment in November and December was below 4%. He says the county has been concentrating on the jobs issue. “I think our economic development team is working very aggressively to recruit new industry and businesses here. At the same time we’re working to support our existing industry>
Gene Cribb owns Music Man BBQ in Moncks Corner. He employs about 15-18 people full-time.
“Our business here has steadily grown. And it’s getting better. We’ve had competition come in and it’s really helped us.”
He says he can understand why unemployment is down. He is looking for more people right now. “Right now we’re looking for a couple of good people to work for us full-time.”
Cribb says he sees even better days ahead. “Berkeley County is on the right track, Moncks Corner is on the right track. I feel like it’s going to grow.”
You can find jobs in Berkeley County at the links below.


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