Sheriff’s deputy returns to full duty after being shot 5 times

MONCKS CORNER (WCBD) – A sheriff’s deputy is back on the job after being shot multiple times in 2016.

Corporal Kimber Gist returned to full duty Wednesday morning for the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office. It was her first solo patrol since she was shot five times while trying to arrest a suspect February 26, 2016.

“I always imagined what this day would be like,” said Gist, “I wanted to have my uniform all ironed and pressed.” Gist has undergone five surgeries since the incident and regularly attends physical therapy while also pursuing a masters degree in criminal justice from Charleston Southern University.

Gist says her own safety on the job is never a distant thought. “I think now it’s really in the back of my mind,” said Gist, “At first, I never thought about it because you think about too much then you won’t do your job – like you’ll just be too terrified to do it.”

The deputy has received thousands of letters from across the country since the shooting and says returning to the field was never a question because her job isn’t done. “There are so many more people that still need somebody that is there for them,” said Gist, “I’m not finished arresting the criminals and letting the community know that that’s why I am here.”

Gist is being honored by the South Carolina Sheriff’s Association at a dinner in Columbia on Thursday.

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