New regional stadium coming to Mt Pleasant, not all local leaders are on board

A brand new stadium is coming to Wando High School and Charleston County School District leaders promise it will be the best they can buy for $14.2 million. The plan is for a regional stadium across the street from Wando. This regional stadium was voted for by tax payers. It will be used by any high schools East of the Cooper, which means Wando, the high school replacing Lincoln Middle-High, and the new Lucy Beckham High School. But the district is also planning to tear down the old Wando stadium near the Beckham High School site and some local leaders think it’s a bad idea.

Mt. Pleasant Town Councilman Gary Santos says he is worried the high school players will never feel at home without their own field.

He says, “It will give them their own identity if they have their own stadium, if they’re able to plan their own games there, their homecoming games there, and I think it’s better for the community.”

Charleston County School District Chief Operating Officer Jeff Borowy says they are going to make the stadium feel like home to every school.

Borowy says, “We plan to build a stadium to be able to personalize it to each of the schools that plays in it so it will feel like a home game.”

He says by pooling the money for one stadium as opposed to one for every school, it means they can afford to include perks like artificial turf.

Borowy says, “Our existing fields with grass, if there’s heavy rains it creates an environment that you can really do a lot of damage to it during a game, or you have to stay off of it. Artificial surface with the drainage that’s included with it as part of that package allows us to keep kids on the field longer.”

He says there will also be benefits for fans like better seating and improved concession stands. Councilman Santos is also questioning the traffic that will be constantly in and out of that stadium.

He says, “Both of those teams will have to travel up there during the really congested time of day. The traffic will be horrendous up there.”

CCSD says it shouldn’t be an issue because most events will be held after rush hour.

Borowy says, “The other aspect of it I’ll point out is that because we are allowed to use the Wando High School parking lot we’re creating less asphalt less impervious space.”

CCSD says they plan to take down the bleachers at the old Wando stadium and build a track while preserving the existing football field as a practice field. The new stadium is expected to be ready for athletes in Fall 2018.

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