When will Charleston’s building boom come to an end?

CHARLESTON S.C. (WCBD)– According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Charleston gets 48 new residents a day.

Add steady population growth to a booming tourism industry and you get a crowded city trying to keep up.

It is hard to travel anywhere on the Peninsula without seeing a construction site.

“I am fine with growth but right now it is just a free for all,” said one Charleston resident.

We spoke with the City of Charleston’s Planning Director, Jacob Lindsey, to find out if the construction boom will slow down.

“This is definitely in building boom for us and it is one that has been in the works for a very long time,” said Lindsey.

There are currently six large projects in downtown that require cranes. All of the projects have been in the works for years and most were put into action by former Mayor Joe Riley.

“It does take time to get these projects moving, so some of the projects that are happening right now like the MUSC Children’s Center have really been in planning for quite a long time,” says Lindsey.

Many residents say they are being forgotten as tourism becomes a greater focus but Lindsey says the projects that are in the works now are not just geared towards visitors.

“We think its important to manage tourism, that is something that we are definitely dedicated to and continue to manage tourism with a very mindful eye. In this boom there is mixed use spaces,” said Lindsey.

But how long can construction like this be sustained.

“Well we are definitely out of the great rescission and we are probably near the peak of our building boom. I don’t have a crystal ball but my guess is that it wont be sustained forever,” said Lindsey.



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