James Island Christian School teachers and families work hard to cultivate hearts of service through programs

James Island Christian School provides an opportunity for academic excellence within a faith-centered environment.  We’re on James Island for our Cool School of the week.

During  James Island Christian School’s Team-Time, younger students are paired with older students to work on community outreach projects.  JICS teachers and families work hard to cultivate hearts of service through programs like Team-Time, a dedicated time of cooperation and interaction for all students from k4 through 8th grade.  “The first two years, we did some projects that were research projects where they would learn about things together as an older and younger student,” says Head of School Jeremy Schwartz.  “This year, we made a shift.  We’ve enjoyed out shift. We decided to make it more community service oriented.  Their projects are they’re going to go out and do something in our community here in Charleston,” Schwartz says.

Students made stuffed animals, and will deliver them to MUSC Children’s Hospital.  Fifth-grade student Gracie McNeill says, “We get around all together and we create certain projects and we take it to those in need.  It’s just really nice and really great and cool thing to do.”

JICS is a ministry of James Island Christian Church.  Some additional team time projects include students visiting seniors at the Savannah House on James Island, making cards and blankets for students in support of the Linus Project’s ministry to help critically ill children. Schwartz, “James Island Christian is serious about what those gifts and talents are in each one of those students and teaching them how to use those gifts and talents to serve the Lord and serve other people.” Teacher Cathy Hamilton ,”It truly is a family. As a teacher, I feel everyday I get up and go to  work with my family.  We’re a team.”

James Island Christian School has Team-Time at least twice a quarter.

Coming up Friday on News 2,  we’ll present James Island Christian with our Cool School award.

We want to hear about the good things that are going on at your school.   Just send an email to Octavia at omitchell@ wcbd.com.

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