Dorchester County Fire-Rescue assumes Fire Service for District 209

GEORGE, S.C. (January 17, 2017) – Dorchester County Fire-Rescue (DCFR) has assumed fire service for tax District 209 (Knightsville). Prior to DCFR assuming service responsibilities for District 209, service was provided by the Old Fort Fire Department.

  • The change in service will advance the direction of County Council to create a county-wide fire service
  • Improve fire protection for Dorchester County citizens
  • Lower Insurance Services Office (ISO) ratings for areas without hydrants thereby reducing homeowner’s insurance premiums. (Average cost savings 30-50%)
  • Increase manpower and equipment on first response by increasing the number of personnel per station
  • Improve staffing levels through Automatic Aid agreement with Summerville Fire-Rescue (SFR)
  • Reduce costs by utilizing town and county-owned stations only versus a leased station
  • Reduce costs through cooperative resource sharing with Automatic Aid partners
  • Improve interoperability through joint training and like-job qualifications
  • Improve coverage provided by SFR and DCFR through the Automatic Aid agreement with more stations, personnel, and equipment readily available

“Dorchester County Fire-Rescue has completed extensive training alongside Summerville Fire-Rescue to ensure a smooth transition. We are excited to begin service to the Knightsville and Jedburg communities” said DCFR, Fire Chief, Tres Atkinson.

Dorchester County Fire-Rescue will operate with 3-person Engine Companies at county-owned fire stations with a roving Supervisor who is specifically assigned to District 209. The stations that will be utilized are Station 10 on Hwy. 78 in Jedburg and Station 11 in the Ponds Subdivision.

Dorchester County’s staffing plan for District 209 is in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards for an Urban Combination Fire Department. It allows DCFR to operate seamlessly with SFR via the Automatic Aid agreement.

No tax increases will occur as a result of DCFR assuming fire-rescue service for District 209.

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