Relatives of S.C. woman charged with kidnapping never knew her baby was stolen

Suspect Gloria Willaims, Image courtesy WTLV

(AP)-A cousin of a South Carolina woman charged with kidnapping a newborn baby 18 years ago says the revelation is “brand new to all of us.”

Tesha Stephens spoke briefly with reporters Friday outside the Walterboro home of 51-year-old Gloria Williams. Authorities say a DNA test proved the 18-year-old woman Williams raised as Alexis Manigo was stolen from a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, where her birth family named her Kamiyah Mobley.

As relatives of Williams came to the young woman’s home Friday evening, Stephens said she didn’t know how the young woman discovered her past.

Stephens said: “Right now she’s holding up. …She’s processing everything and she’s probably going to have to take this day-by-day.”

Asked what the family knew previously, Stephens said: “This was something brand new to all of us.”

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