Mother fights to make the Crosstown safer in memory of daughter

Lynnette Ranz, says, “I’ve lost half my heart at that intersection.”

Her daughter, 21-year-old Lindsey, went out for a jog three years ago and never came home. Lindsey was hit and killed by a car as she tried to cross the intersection at Septima P. Clark Parkway and Coming Street.

Ranz says, “As a citizen trying to promote safety and implement the needed safety changes at this dangerous intersection, I need the help of the community.”

At this section of the Crosstown, cars whiz by toward the ramp to the Interstate and Ravenel Bridge. Even though there is a crosswalk in place, Ranz says it isn’t enough. Four pedestrians have died on this road in the past five years.

Ranz sayz, “People are in a hurry. The construction is not set up for a pedestrian or cyclist safety, it is set up for the motorist, for commuting.”

Lawmakers say if a change doesn’t happen soon, there will be more memorials like Lindsey’s lining the Crosstown.

Representative Wendell Gilliard says, “We have to put taxpayer’s money to good use.”

Rep. Gilliard has tried to push for safety improvements at the state level and after a study, it was found a pedestrian overpass would cost more than a million dollars.

Gilliard says, “You cannot put a price on a human life.”

But now he is working to get local government involved to speed up the funding and has a meeting with Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg at the end of the month.

He says, “If we can get all the right people at that meeting, I feel we can make the progress that needs to be made.”

For Lynnette Ranz, getting a raised pedestrian path over this busy road would mean sparing other families the pain she feels every day.

She says, “That’s why I’m doing this, honor and memory of Lindsey and keep others from being hit and killed at the crosstown.”

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