WARNING: Scammers pose as officials to get money

According to the Berkeley County Sheriff’s office, people are calling residents posing as law enforcement officials, either deputies or other types of law enforcement officers.

When calling, the scammers tell people they have warrants for things like unpaid tickets.

They will target anyone, but quite often they will target elderly residents and others who will not question the reason for their call.

The scammers ultimate goal is for the victim to buy money cards. They will then ask you to send them the codes. At that point, the money is gone and untraceable.

These scammers can also use computers to mask their location and can also “spoof” their numbers to make it appear like a local call.

Berkeley County Sheriff’s office says If you have an elderly parent or neighbor, let them know these calls are going around. Tell them to hang up if they get a call like this.


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