North Charleston’s Filbin Creek swelling into an eyesore

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) -The environmental health for a particular body of water has become a concern for some North Charleston residents as of late.

People who live near Filbin Creek, which runs along Interstate 526 to the Cooper River, say the estuary’s growing trash problem needs to be addressed or else it will continue to have a negative effect on the area. The land is technically in North Charleston, but jurisdiction is tricky because the city, Charleston Railroad and the South Carolina Department of Transportation all have domain over certain parts of it.

William Parker is among the neighbors that have formed a group dedicated to improving Filbin Creek. “Most of the creeks in the Charleston Area have gotten the attention,” said Parker, “Filbin Creek seems to be something that has been forgotten.” Parker, who is also the president of the Northwest Park Circle neighborhood, says the creek has been labeled as an EPA hot spot, but nothing is being done about it. “It gets like this by having multi-government agencies not really be coordinated.”

A City of North Charleston official told News 2 it is their intention to perform a study on Filbin Creek, but it has not commenced yet. The SCDOT said it would have a better idea Friday morning of which entities control what regions of the creek.

There will be a Filbin Creek clean up event on Saturday, February 11 on Attaway St. in North Charleston.

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