Berkeley Career Express program helping rural residents find a job

A number of companies are moving into the Lowcountry, but one question is, how do these companies find enough qualified employees to operate? That’s the question a new program in rural Berkeley county is hoping to answer.

Abdul Bashir lives in St Stephen. “There’s not too many jobs out here. Most of the jobs are in Charleston or other places.”

Bashir was trying to get a job at the new Viva Holdings plant Tuesday. He says he’s glad to hear that Viva picked St Stephen for their new recycled goods plant. “It builds the economy up. Hopefully that gives other individuals an opportunity to work and be prosperous and be a little more productive than they are as of right now.”

But two hundred people will be required to run the plant, with another 200 down the road. How does a company find good employees?

VIVA Holdings Group CEO Marty Sergi says, “We’re we’re encouraging folks so that they’re ready to start taking jobs at facilities like this one and a larger facility down the road.”

Sergi says Google has provided a grant for The Berkeley Career Express program. The eight week classes prepare people in rural areas for the work force, “really for skills so that you’re prepared to be in the workforce. Something as simple as knowing to show up to work on time, how to present yourself, how to do your application.”

These classes can help you with any potential job, not just those at VIVA.

If you need a job in Berkeley County there’s a number of them listed at the county jobs website.

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