TSA outlines firearm regulations at Charleston airport

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) — Friday’s shooting at the Ft. Lauderdale airport raises questions to the legality of guns inside South Carolina airports.

At Charleston International Airport, concealed weapons are not allowed. A sign is posted on the front door of the airport.

However, those wishing to travel with a gun may do so if it is checked with luggage.

Transportation Security Administration Officials say those wishing to check a gun should make sure it is unloaded and locked in hard case. The same goes for ammunition. The TSA also requires a traveler to claim the gun during the check in process. Then, during the checked luggage security screening, TSA technology is able to detect if a gun is loaded. In that case, the owner will be contacted.

News 2 talked with some airline passengers. One man expressed his feelings about the current regulations.

In reference to the Ft. Lauderdale shooting facts, Charleston airport traveler Allen Wilhelm said, “to watch somebody follow the rules, can get a firearm into a … checked bag … and them take it out, yeah, it’s really scary. But, there’s no difference than someone parking their car in the parking lot here and walking in and doing the same thing.”

“People that don’t follow the law, don’t care about the signs as you come in the airport,” said Wilhelm.

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