Berkeley County’s largest solar farm now generating electricity

The largest solar farm in Berkeley County is now generating electricity. 
The solar farm is located at Cooper River Partner’s industrial park in Bushy Park. Marc Fetten is President/CEO of Cooper River Partners. “You know, it’s an investment in green energy. We’re a very large consumer of power in Berkeley County and this is a big part of being green and sustainable.”
The company spent $2.7 million on the project. 30% of that will go back to Cooper River Partners in the form of federal tax credits. 
The solar panels take up four acres of land.
How can this farm help you?? “This array is actually 1.4 megawatts. It can produce 2 million kilowatt hours per year, which is enough to power 160 homes.”
The green energy power generated will be sent into the SCE&G power grid, and SCE&G will pay Cooper River Partners for the electricity.
Danny Kassis is a Vice President with SCE&G. “We’re excited about the opportunity to buy clean energy.”
Berkeley County Supervisor Bill Peagler says there are direct ways this helps taxpayers. “The benefit to Berkeley County taxpayers is it increases the value of this property and produces more revenue for us.”
Ironically, Fetten says this green energy is coming from land that used to be a water dump. “This area that are standing on now is a former wastewater settling pond that was built many, many years ago. It’s been capped. It’s been sitting the way you see it now for 15 years and it needs to stay this way for probably as long as we can think. Probably 20-30 years in the future.”
Nearly a year of planning went into the facility, but it only took about 2 months to build.
The company is so pleased with this solar farm that they are now planning a second, similar sized one for the other end of their property. That farm will open later this year. 

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