Doctors warn YouTube inspired ‘slime toy’ can be toxic to children

NEW HAVEN, CT — Hundreds of videos are popping up on YouTube with the newest craze – kids showing how to make slime or Gak with Borax.

Dr. Richard Uluski said the do-it-yourself toy can be unsafe for children.

Borax is used as a cleaning product or pesticide.

“Something that’s a chemical should not be used as a toy,” said Uluski.

There are dozens of links with DIY slime using Borax.

“It’s very popular because it makes the stuff that you see in the stores and you can dye it all different colors,” said Uluski.

Dr. Uluski is warning parents about the health concerns.

“It is just like putting lead in paint and putting that on a toy and kids don’t want to put that in their mouth so it’s the same aspect here,” said Uluski.

Dr. Uluski said if a child ingests slime made with Borax it could be toxic and could even cause seizures.

“From a medical standpoint too much of Borax can lead to medical problems including things like seizures,” said Uluski.

He said your child won’t have an immediate effect.

“There are not going to be burns in the mouth or blisters in the mouth but a lot of kids who ingest a lot of it can start to throw up and have stomach discomfort and pain,” said Uluski.

If your child does ingest Borax, take them to the hospital and call poison control: (800) 222-1222

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