Puppy Picks – Week 14

wcbd-puppy-picks-tinsel-and-merryMOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) — For this week’s puppy picks, we have Tinsel and Merry.

Tinsel is a 6-month-old shepherd mix who will play until you call it a day. Her tail wags more than a Tom Brady pass spirals.

Tinsel is picking from teams from the AFC West as the Oakland Raiders take a trip to Kansas City.

Tinsel, must have smelt the Kansas City Joes because she takes to the Chiefs’ bowl. She’s picking Kansas City!

Merry the 2-month old tabby is a curious cat. She’s picking from teams from the Sunday Night Showdown, the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants.

In weeks past, we’ve seen kittens avoid the cat-food on camera. Is merry any different?

Time-after-time, merry scurries off quicker than Santa after dropping off a bunch of toys. She finally decided to go with New York.



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