News 2 I-Team Follow-Up: Charleston home builder charged with forgery, breach of trust

Joshua Zollweg turned himself him Tuesday morning. He's charged with 4 counts of Breach of Trust and 6 counts of forgery.

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCBD) — A Charleston-area home builder is charged with 6 counts of forgery and 4 counts of breach of trust.

This comes 2 months after News 2’s I-Team first shed light on the business and the people who lost thousands of dollars.

Five people contacted the I-Team over the summer. They all hired Moss Construction and its owner, Joshua Zollweg, to build their homes in the last two years. Some of them say, though, at times, Zollweg forged their names on bank documents and didn’t pay contractors he hired.

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The judge set a $660,000 surety bond. If bonded out, Zollweg cannot leave the country. He also cannot leave the state without the solicitor’s permission.

“I don’t have any sympathy for him,” said Betsy Hopkins, one of the forgery victims.

“At least, we know that there’s some progress and justice finally happening. This is just the start of it,” said Richard Burke.

News 2 interviewed Burke and Hopkins during the original story in September.

Zollweg also recently filed for bankruptcy, and that may mean more court room visits for the families.

“This is just the beginning. I don’t know if we’ll ever get our money back, but at least I know he can’t continue doing this with now repercussions to him,” said Hopkins.

An attorney was present in support of Zollweg, however he denied to comment.

Burke and several other victims, who not included in Tuesday’s court appearance, are still facing bank liens and foreclosures from subcontractors Zollweg hired but never paid. However, those are matters to play out in civil court.

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