How to keep your packages safe during holiday season

It’s that time of year again. When delivery trucks are zooming around neighborhoods delivering holiday packages. Many of the items left on porches and near front doors are valuable gifts.

“We had a UPS product left on our porch, and someone took it. I mean, they came in and that was that,” Dave Kovar said.

It happens all too often this time of year. And as we’ve seen, security cameras often catch the crooks in the act. But, it is still a headache to deal with.

“To me, my concern was that it looked like I was faking it, like I want another one for free,” Kovar explained.

Other ways to keep the porch pirates away include:

  • Having your package sent to a neighbor or your job location.
  • Make a note to have the UPS driver hide them behind a bush or in a side yard.
  • Use a UPS Access Point
  • Request a text or email when your stuff arrives, so someone can go pick it up.

If you’re stuff vanishes, video helps. In fact, a UPS spokesperson said it’s security team discovered home security cameras are acting as a deterrent. “People put it on Facebook, ‘Have you ever seen this person? Ya know, stealing the package off my porch?’” Desiree Barrymore said.

A holiday theft can really put a damper on the season. “Oh that’s just, it’s horrible.It’s absolutely horrible,” Kovar said.

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