Nathan’s Need: Make A Wish fulfills dream of local teen with brain tumor

13-year-old Nathan was diagnosed with a brain tumor in August. His parents have tried specialist after specialist, but so far no one has been able to help, but there is a bright spot for the Brumbaugh family, it is not an improvement to Nathan’s medical condition, but to his spirit.

Christmas is coming a little early for Nathan this year thanks to the Make A Wish foundation, Velocity Powersports, and Kawasaki. Nathan has always loved four-wheelers, dirt bikes, and motorcycles and now he has his very own.

Nathan’s mother, Tonya Brumbaugh, says, “Even though this tumor has taken a lot of his functions, I know deep down inside he’s very excited about it.”

Once Kawasaki heard Nathan’s story, they decided to donate an additional gift to the family.

Kawasaki District Manager Greg Casey says, “Through life you only have a couple chances to really have an impact on people’s lives in what you do day to day. We saw it as an opportunity to really reach out and further Nathan’s experience.”

Owner of Velocity Powersports, Jerry Cristo, says, “They’ve given them an autographed jersey from Jeremy McGrath. They’ve also got video from a bunch of Kawasaki factory riders where they are wishing him good luck and keep fighting on and some inspirational comments.”

That includes messages from riders like Eli Tomac and Josh Grant.

Cristo says, “And most importantly they’ve put together an all inclusive weekend package in February with Atlanta Supercross event where they are going to put them up in a hotel and bring them out on the track to meet a bunch of the different riders.”

Although Nathan can’t ride the dirt bike now, his family hopes it will be the push he needs to keep going.

Brumbaugh says, “Hopefully it will motivate him to keep fighting and keep going and one day he can be on that dirt bike. Maybe he will be that miracle child.”

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