Community input needed for bike/pedestrian trails in Tri-County area

There was a resounding “yes” across Dorchester County. Everyone News 2 asked said they would love to bike to the supermarket or pharmacy, but they don’t do it know because it’s not safe.

One woman, Belina Tercanli, says, “There’s not enough room for cars to pass people who walk, it’s kind of dangerous.”

But an initiative from the Berkeley Charleston Dorchester Council of Governments aims to put more bike lanes, paths, and sidewalks in place to help people get around safer.

One man, Jess Lunsford, says, “I think it’s a valid idea, and it might work. There are a lot of people who like to bike, I see more of them on the roads these days.”

So during a meeting in Dorchester County on Tuesday night, the program called “Walk Bike BCD” will be looking for community input about where these lanes are needed with the goal of creating a priority list for funding.

Cheyne Stroble, Owner of Main Street Bike Shop, says, “People have found that it really pays to use their bike more than their car and it’s kind of hard to do in some areas where the roads are crowded and the traffic is bad, but in the places it can be done people really love it.”

Stroble says right now, most people are buying bikes for exercise and leisure, but they could be a more valid form of transportation if the infrastructure was in place.

He says, “Seeing how backed up it gets in the busy part of the day and how long it can take to cover a short distance in places, it would really make a lot of sense to take some of that traffic off the road especially when you’re going from one five minute drive to another.”

There is no dedicated funding for Walk Bike BCD at this point, but once they establish a list of where these bike and pedestrian lanes are most needed, they will make a recommendation to the DOT, city leaders, and county leaders to find money for these projects.

If you want to weigh in on where bike and pedestrian lanes are needed in the Tri-County area the next meetings will be held from 3-8pm:

November 30th: Moncks Corner Train Depot

December 1st: James Island Charter School Cafeteria

December 13th: Chicora Life Center

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