Thanksgiving weekend gas prices are not bad

AAA predicts that 43.5 million people will be driving somewhere for the Thanksgiving holiday. Many of them are already on Lowcountry roads.
The good news is, the price of gas is very reasonable. This is the second-lowest average price of gas for Thanksgiving since 2008. 
Olivia and Fred Skey arrived in Charleston this afternoon. “We left our home in Flowery Branch, Georgia this morning and we are going to James Island County Park.”
Rachel Lee and her family are headed out of town. “We are going to the smoky mountains and are going to spend the weekend in Gatlinburg.”
Travelers we spoke with are excited to be hitting the road. The Skeys say the price of gas makes traveling in their motorhome even more fun. “We are very excited. We use diesel and we’ve been filling up for a little over two dollars a gallon, which is fantastic. We especially like South Carolina’s prices especially they’re the best.”
Right now, AAA says the average price of a gallon nationally is $2.13, while the price here in Charleston is $1.94. 


That’s actually a bit higher than last year’s $1.85 per gallon, but still more than a dime less than last month.
Be careful not to drink and drive at all. Today is “Blackout Wednesday.” This day can have more drunk drivers than days like News Years in some cities. 

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