Stolen trailers recovered in Goose Creek

We have an update to a story we told you about a few months ago. A Summerville man had his construction trailer and tools stolen while at a local storage facility. Today, he called News 2’s Raymond Owens to tell him he found his trailer.
Back in September, Glenn Powell’s work trailer was stolen after he dropped it off at Devon Self-storage. That put his construction business, and 6 employees temporarily out of business. 
Powell had to buy another trailer. Now he is back in business.
Today, the man who runs the company that sold him the new trailer called him with good news. “He got a tip that someone stole one of his trailers and they thought it was behind that pawnshop so he went to investigate a trailer and actually found my trailer along with his trailer.”
The two trailers were at Gene’s Pawn Shop in Goose Creek. Powell says police checked the ID numbers and confirmed they were the stolen trailers. 
Most of the valuable tools were no longer in Powell’s trailer. Glenn is building his business back up after his tools were stolen. “I don’t have what was on the old trailer but I got enough to get the guys working again.”
After we aired Powell’s story, Burt Ziffick in Mt Pleasant contacted him and gave him a bunch of his personal tools, then went to Lowes where he paid $500 and Lowes matched that $500, giving Powell $1,000 cash to spend on tools. “And that was only two days after your story. That’s when I was out of work, so that thousand dollars, I was very appreciative to Mr Ziffick and Lowes of Mount Pleasant.”
Powell says getting his old trailer back will help his business even more. Summerville, Mount Pleasant and Goose Creek police are all helping with this case at Gene’s Pawn Shop.

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