Emanuel AME pastor preaches patience during shooting trial

CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD-TV) – Reverend Eric Manning does not waste thought on hypothetical questions. Even one about the man accused of killing nine people at his church possibly being deemed mentally unfit for trial.

The pastor of Emanuel AME Church says he is busy spiritually preparing his congregation for the trial that is moving slower than they would like.

Manning and other parishioners got in the church’s transport November 7 for jury selection only to find out the defense motioned that the admitted church shooter to be evaluated if he was sane enough to be tried for his crimes. “This past Sunday we dealt with trying to ease a lot of people’s anxiety,” said Manning, “present company included.”

Manning says some of the victims’ relatives feel like they are having to relive June 17, 2015 every day the trial drags on. Each Sunday, Manning delivers a new message but always makes sure patience is apart of it. “A delay is never a denial,” said Manning, “we just have to learn how to be patient.”

The reverend says the trial is in God’s hands and knows justice will be done. “It’s just taking a little bit longer, said Manning, “church history dictates no one has had to go through this before, but the reality of the situation is we’re going to have to.”

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