SC Department of Ed releases statistics for each state public school

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) — The South Carolina Department of Education has released report cards for the state’s public schools.

The report card looks at issues such as poverty to the way students perform in the classroom.

It also has information about opportunities available to students in technology and the arts plus details about teacher hiring.

You can look up your child’s report card here.

One issue shown in the report card is the percent of students living in poverty, which is described as someone using Medicaid, SNAP benefits, living in foster care, or homeless.

For the high schools in the tricounty area, it shows Charleston County has the highest percentage of students in poverty.

There are 15 high schools in Charleston County. Of those, 8 student bodies have a poverty level of 80% or greater. The highest percentage is Greg Mathis Charter at 95.7%

Those numbers may seem high, but those percentages are actually down from last year.

The only poverty number increase was at Pattison’s Academy, which increased from 74.2% to 94.4%.

Compare those numbers to Berkeley County high schools: Only one school’s poverty percentage was above 80%, Cross High School.

The highest poverty rate in Dorchester County school district high schools is Woodland High School at 68.1%.


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