You’re good now, but next year you could need extra documents to fly

ID requirements are changing

South Carolina’s staring contest with the Federal Government may be nearing an end.

Beginning January 20, 2017, people with South Carolina IDs or drivers licenses that do not meet “REAL ID” standards may be barred from entering federal buildings and military bases if that is the only for of identification they have. Starting January 2018, an SC ID or license will no longer get you on a plane Charleston International. You’ll need to have another accepted form of identification or a passport.

The REAL ID requirements were created by Congress in 2005 following research after the 9/11 attacks. South Carolina has been issuing IDs that meet the Federal standard since 2010 but their database does not meet the national guidelines

Congressman Mark Sanford penned a letter to the Department of Homeland Security asking for another deadline extension for the legislation that’s been around for 11 years, but it appears the U.S.Government is paying the state a visit on the issue in December. “The director of Homeland Security is sending a team to go face to face with our legislators,” said SC DMV director Kevin Shwedo.

State Representative Chip Limehouse (R) believes the state will have the potential debacle sorted out by the beginning of 2017 “Our state leaders will quickly get with congress” said Limehouse, “we’ll have some sort of match-up for the South Carolina ID and the REAL ID”

State officials anticipate the with Homeland Security may require those with licenses issued before October 2010 to go to the DMV to get new ones.

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