Auto insurance rates on the rise

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — Increases in auto insurance rates have people concerned. Insurance companies across the board are raising prices to keep up with a rising number of accidents and claims.

Research suggests the increase in accidents correlates with a decrease in gas prices. People are taking advantage of low prices at the pump and more drivers means more accidents.

“As those accidents continue to rise the rates will fall right behind them,” said insurance agent, Tom McQueeney.

The National Safety Council reports that 2015 was the deadliest driving year since 2008 and here in South Carolina auto fatalities are up 16 percent.

McQueeney says the Lowcountry’s crowded roads also contribute to the increase in accidents. wcbd-TRAFFIC BACK UP

“This is becoming more and more of a concern as we look at infrastructure and where we should have three lanes we have two” said McQueeney.


McQueeney encourages drivers to review their current plan and look at their providers savings options. Most companies offer bundling discounts as well as reduced rates for those who complete a drivers education course.

The rate increases vary for different companies and they also differ by counties. McQueeney says suburban areas tend to have higher rates than larger cities.

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