Audio Technica opens Berkeley County distribution center

A company is now operating a new warehouse in Berkeley County, bringing some jobs along with them. But when you hear what they are selling thousands of, you might be surprised.
In a warehouse building off Cypress Gardens Road, Audio Technica has opened their Southeast distribution center. 
In it, they have thousands and thousands of turntables. That’s right, record players are back.
“We’ve been selling turntables for about 10 years now and it’s amazing how many we sell.”Mike Spalding is the Director of Southeast Distribution for the company. He said there are about 59,000 turntables in their warehouse. “The newer ones have a USB port that you can plug into your computer so you can take your vinyl, download it into CDs or onto different formats. It seems like that’s what’s taken off.”
The Japanese company has been at their Berkeley County warehouse since August 1st.

They invested $3 million and have hired five people. People like Derrick Hill. “This was definitely something new. I thought turntables were obsolete, I thought they were done.”
Hill said the work these turntables provide has already had a big impact. “It’s meant a lot to me and my family. It’s helped us grow. It’s helped us to see that there’s a bright future for myself and my family working for Audio Technica.”
The company plans to hire at least two more people soon.

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