Princess for a Day, a magical experience for child with heart defect

Princess Neveah has a congenital heart defect, and had her first heart surgery when she was six days old. She thought her family was on the way to Charleston for a doctor’s appointment, but instead she was surprised with becoming a princess for a day.

MUSC Pediatric Intensive Care Unit nurse Devra Wright says, “It’s a tough road and they have to spend a lot of time in the hospital and just to be able to be out of the hospital scene and get pampered and be a kid, I thought it was deserving.”

The fairy tale began with a makeover, a gown fit for royalty, and a chance to meet her hero, Queen Elsa. Princess Day was a gift from one of Neveah’s nurses at MUSC.

Wright says, “I met her and I was just in love with her, her personality. She’s just so vibrant and amazing, and she’s just one of those kids that I just loved.”

After her makeover the princess arrived at her castle, The Market Pavilion Hotel, where more surprises were waiting inside. Every aspect of the day was donated.

Wright says, “It just developed because people started saying, oh I’ll do this, I’ll do that.”

When Princess Neveah thought the day was over, a regal horse drawn carriage appeared outside of her castle.

Neveah’s mother, Christy McLeod, says, “It means a lot. As long as I see that she’s happy, I’m happy.”

And with hospitals and treatments far from her mind, this story ends, as all fairy tales do, with a happily ever after.

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