Inmate gets officer’s gun, takes hostage at Greenville hospital

Jimmy Antrone Dewitt

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – An inmate who was being treated in the emergency room at Greenville Memorial Hospital got a detention officer’s gun, according to Bob Mihalic with Greenville Co.

He says it happened on Nov. 11.

Jimmy Antrone Dewitt is an inmate at Greenville Co. Detention Center.

He was taken to the hospital for medical complications.

Mihalic says the inmate was able to get the service weapon from the transporting officer responsible for his security.

Dewitt pointed the gun at the officer and a civilian patient and demanded his restraints be removed, according to Mihalic.

The officer didn’t do it.

The hospital police came and were able to convince Dewitt to give up the gun.

No one was hurt.

Dewitt has been now been charged with Assault & Battery 1st Degree, Taking of a Hostage, Unlawful Possession of a Weapon/Firearm, and Escape, according to Mihalic.

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