Cool School: Kensington Elementary School

Kensington Elementary in Georgetown is creating academic scholars, student leaders, and community champions.   We’re in Georgetown county for our Cool School of the week.

Students proudly assume the role of leaders at Kensington, as they welcome visitors with a smile and a handshake.   Kensington Elementary School is a community school with a diverse population of 646 students in pre-k through fifth grades.   The large staff includes speech, and occupational and physical therapists  for students with special needs.  Students in the upper grades  mentor and tutor students in the lower grades.  It’s an environment designed to create focused and well rounded scholars.   Jamie Thompkins is the school’s principal.  “It is a community school,  a wonderful place and we have great support of our parents;” says Thompkins.  “We have boys and girls that come and want to work hard every day.  We have faculty, I ask our faculty to do things and I ask them to push themselves and to try new things and try new initiatives. They are always willing to go that extras mile. They’re team players and it take everybody on staff to make our school what it is.”  Fourth-grade student Emma Pope says, “We do these activities, and one we had was the color run.  We did that for the little kids all the way up to the fifth grade, and we raised money for PTA and some different field trips just so we can have fun while we were helping other people.” Staff and students call fifth-grade-student Nylik Darby the little preacher.  “We help kids from wheelchair to standing up. We think this is a very great school,” Nylik says.  “With all the people we love and take care of,  it’s like a family to us.  To me, when I first came here I was making a lot of friends.  Now I have a lot of friends now I’m in fifth grade.  I came here last year, and now every day and every night I say I have a great school.”

KES also has a very active PTA. Coming up tonight on News 2 at 5,  we’ll take a closer look at Kensington’s “House School” initiative, and the school’s community service programs.

We want to hear about the good things that are going on at your school.   Just send an email to Octavia at omitchell@

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